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Personal growth, leadership development, team building, strategic team development and creative special-events.

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We offer programs for Primary School students, High School Students as well as programs for educators & staff.  

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Our Offering

Lead 4 Life is a vibrant and innovative company committed to providing the corporate market of South Africa with an integrated and holistic approach to personal growth, leadership development, team building, strategic team development and creative special-events.

Team Lead 4 Life offers an innovative approach to creating trained and facilitated processes to solution the inherent challenges of modern business and hence gain the best possible results for your company. Critical to the success and overall wellbeing of your people and company, we focus our attentions on the following seven developmental and support pillars.

The Lead 4 life difference

Whether your company, department or team requires an exciting team build, strategic intervention, management getaway, an organized conference or a creative year end function we have an innovative solution tailored to your needs.


Delivery Modalities     

  1. Coaching / Mentoring
  2. Experiential Learning Modules and Processes (Uniquely designed / Needs based)
  3. Augmented Processes linked to your current Business Interventions / Solutions)
Personal Development (i-Grow)

As influential beings striving to be more effective and efficient, it is imperative that we “know-self” more intimately and focus more deliberately on personal development. As part of an ever-changing and challenging world, our personal performance very often impacts the teams that we represent and hence attention to our numerous strengths and growth areas is paramount.

Leader & Leadership Development (i-Lead)

Investing in your people, teams and company leadership is more necessary now than ever before and is the one business area that can ensure success!

As a core business philosophy, Team Lead 4 Life focuses on the need to develop both personal and role function leadership competencies and skills concurrently. Our major objective is to inspire and empower individuals and teams to more fully realize their greater potential and significant ability to positively influence those around them.

We believe that leadership should be caught and not taught and therefore focus primarily on learning to lead through doing leadership as a way of achieving more significant personal and team results. Our Leaders-in-Action series of experiential learning themed processes and challenges have been instrumental in creating great success to date!

Team Cohesion (i-Connect)

Team Building, Strategic Team Development and Special Events

Based on your team’s needs, we offer a variety of fun, interactive and meaningful team building, team development experiences and special-events, both in-house and away from the office. Conceptually, we design unique processes according to your teams needs and differentiate between;

  1. Team building events – geared towards fun, adventure and bonding
  2. Strategic team development purposefully designed to focus on the team dynamic, where we look to the outcomes of improved individual performance, team-player ability and team cohesion.

In all instances, we can offer you a choice of select venues, themes, activities and challenges, as well as conceptualize and deliver an exciting event on your behalf.

Creativity & Innovation (i-create)

As creativity and innovation are vital for continued business success today, Team Lead 4 Life can offer your team an exciting themed process to enhance the creative and innovative flair of individuals and teams alike.

Mi Health

Due to our current 21st century realities, a progressively changing world and the constantly growing expectations around performance, it is imperative that we strive to secure a healthy balance between the physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional aspects of our lives.

For most corporate-based individuals, the balance between family and career is also crucial. For this reason, we have created the Fully Human Fully Alive series of seminars and workshops geared at finding a greater balance in one’s life, through a better understanding of oneself, others, our communities and the world at large.

Fully Human Fully Alive looks at the whole person and encompasses the notion that “Wellness” is the complete integration of Body, Mind and Spirit – the realization that everything you do, that you feel and believe, influences your state of well-being.

This state of well-being then directly impacts your work performance, that of your team and ultimately that of the business. The workshop focuses specifically on Wellness and Stress Management.

  • Personal Career Coaching
  • Career 4 Life Modules / Processes

The following exciting array of personal growth and psychometric scorecards / evaluations can add significant value to your select teams.


  • My Profile (360 Degree)
  • Strength Finder
  • Myers Briggs
  • Enneagram
  • My Cube for Change
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • My Grow (EQ Online)
  • Social Styles

Sample of Themed Processes


The Fugitive

This is a fun, interactive event that caters for team members across all levels of fitness, age, culture and company structure. This event allows teams to make use of various skills in the team to track down and capture our select convict. In doing so teams need to think, plan, bring value, motivate and inspire in a way never done before. A team-build to remember.


From Prisoner to Pioneer

Would your team benefit from a greater pioneering spirit? This dynamic experiential learning process highlights the importance of the correct mindsets and attitudes necessary today to positively impact your valued clients. This exciting process can be designed in conjunction with many of the below themes! 


The East Coast Ramble

(CT Only)– join our team of adventurers between the forests of Grabouw and the beautiful coastline from Kleinmond to Gordon’s Bay. Let’s tailor make an ideal day for your team, with activities like: dune-boarding, canoeing, orienteering, low ropes/high ropes, board walking and beach activities. A beach picnic, braai or luncheon could be enjoyed at Glen Craig or the beautiful Harold Porter Botanical Gardens.


Cheese and Wine Ramble

Enjoy the day on your company’s very own wine route. The ramble will include stop-offs at three to four wine farms and estates with wine and cheese tasting. We would supply the transportation and can include a host of activities on the bus and at each wine farm. A leisurely picnic or luncheon on one of the wine farms would further enhance the experience.


The Classic Amazing Race

From the office to the venue or based purely at the venue, this is a great favourite! Designed to inspire your team with a sequence of exciting tasks and challenges this special event will offer your team plenty of fun, adventure and opportunities to bond.


Beach Picnic or Forest Party

Bond on the beach or frolic in the forest! Either way we would provide transport, catering, adventure activities and games and a healthy dose of enjoyment.


The African Rumba

Feel the rhythm of Africa with real African food and dancing.


Pure Adventure

From river rafting to dune boarding, from horse riding to sky diving, from quad biking to abseiling, to orienteering, hiking, cool running’s or surfing, we have the team to make it happen for you.


African River Cruise or Rafting Experience

Experience one our River Adventures, just 60 to 70 minutes from the CBD. Relax, enjoy and recharge those batteries with a day under the African sun.


The Culture Club Challenge

Get creative with art, drama and music, drumming and much more.


Taylor-Made Options

Taylor-made options available. 







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